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November 18, 2010     The Royal Centre Record
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November 18, 2010

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Page 4 Thursday, November 18, 2010 [ i, t 1 1 t | t Bell Center leave without fear of revenge. Pam Hines expressed thanks for all poses; therefore, He always provides Pastor Bill pointed out that some pen- Bible Church Pastor Kevin told of the more than who have been so helpful during all that is necessary to carry out His ple do not go to church because it inter- two million emergency nuclear fallout Bill's illness and passing. She shared will. Look back at Ex. 35;30-35 Ceres with their pleasures. One man Herb Bnlss, Pastor shelters that were built in the 70's where many joys that have been evident dur- where we are told every skill needed even said, "because of all the bad news This Sunday during our morning people could go in the event of a nu- ing this time. Bill leaves a great host to build the Tabernacle was given and of what's happening in the world, I see service, I'll he asking an interesting clear disaster. However, only 26% of of family and friends who are sorrow- taught. In 35:31 we learn God's Holy no need to go to church. It does not question. The question is "Does God the population knew where they were ful at his death, but we are thankful Spirit gave those skills and teachings, help the world to be a better place." have an answer machine"? I would located so they would have been inef- for all the lives he has touched as a This is all so important because God Still others fret and worry about the say "NOT". God doesn't have an an- fective in the event of a disaster, faithful member of Christ's body, the never does anything that's folly or un- end times and why are such terrible swering machine. He's ready to lis- The roads to the cities of refuge were church, and also Caley Church. necessary or wasted. God knew build- things happening. Jesus' disciples were ten all the time. This person who always maintained in good repair, ob- Marilyn Lesher thanked all who ing the Tabernacle would be concerned with signs of the end of the posed the question said "You can't struetions were removed daily, hills helped in any way with the funeral monumental for Israel, so He made age. Jesus warned them that there call Him too often!!! You only need were excavated, no river without a dinner. A card was read from Donna sure everyone knew all of what they would be wars and revolutions, earth- to ring once and God hears you. Be- bridge was on the road, and directional Belle See, who also sent a monetary needed to do their part of the job. quakes, famines, persecutions, and cause of Jesus, you never get a busy signs were posted. How different from donation to Caley. She still remem- Now read Eph. 4:1-6 and 14-16. No- fearful events occurring before the end signal. God takes each call and knows our modem day places of refuge. The bers and is grateful for the help given Lice how an Omniscient God uses the of the age, but told them not to be each caller personally. When you call names of the cities of refuge all had to her mother, Edith Holcomb, in Feb- same plan to build His New Testa- frightened. He reaffirmed that they and the Lord will answer; you will special meanings, such as holiness, hap- ruary 1947. Pastor Crystal is thankful ment Church as He used to build the needed to stand firm and gain life, as a cry for help and He will say: "Here piness, safety, etc.. for answered prayer in the life of her Tabernacle! The point is that God result. Those who are willing to risk am I!" God is still our refuge today. All we sister and husband. Steve Felker and gives every believer ability (a gift) and trust in faith will endure. This God is there, and He gives you need to do to access Christ is pray. He family had as an overnight guest this and a reason to use it in the Body of same attitude applies today because some great answers from the Bible wants to be our refuge and strength, week, Rev. David Wells, who con- Christ. This includes YOU, Christian! Jesus promised: "Not a hair on your directory. For instance Charlotte Elliott, a portrait painter who dueled our revival services last Febru- You are a vital part of God's plan for head will be destroyed. By your en- When you have sorrow, read the contracted a serious illness and became dry, and is thankful for the fellowship His Church and you have been skilled durance (faith), you will be saved." Gospel of John, chapter 14; When very depressed, was visited by an evan- they shared, to work for Him. Now notice II. Pastor Bill then relayed a story of a men fail you, call this phone #Psalm gelist who helped her to fred peace nod Today was our annual "Care & ONLY THOSE WHO CAME TO pickle jar that sat beside a dad's bed- 27. Here's some other good numbers inner strength in her weakness. She Share" Sunday and it is our custom to WORK RECEIVED! Vs. 2-3a. No- side, and every night before going to to consider wrote the beautiful hymn, "Just As I have a speaker from Bashor Chil- Lice how God gave everyone a skill, bed, he would place his loose change in When you worry, call Matthew 6:19-- Am" after her visit with him. Let God dren's Home in Elkhart County. A then He gave them an opportunity to this pickle jar. As it became full, he 34 be your refuge today, special offering is taken each year for use the skill. Notice what comes next! would empty it and roll coins and take When you are in danger, call Psalm Cindy Zeimer's children's talk was Bashor. Steve Riikonen was our God allowed them to exercise their the money to the bank. Doing this over 91 about cereal boxes and how some have speaker. He said that even though the free will! Although He gave them the years, he had the faith that it would When God seems far away, call small packets and some have large economy is bad and their donations each a skill of His choosing, He help to send his son to college. The Psalm 139 ones. She compared them to our faith, are really down, they are carrying on didn't force anyone to use it. Why? son did get to achieve his goal of going When your faith needs stirring, call Do we want a little bit of faith or a lot? as usual. Bashor is a home for trou- Forced labor is slavery, and God had to college and graduating. Later when Hebrews 11 Marlene talked with the children at sec- bled children. They have emergency delivered them from slavery. Notice he returned home, he did not see the When you are lonely and fearful, call ond service about how moms know shelter care for those between the also that only those who came re- pickle jar. When he asked his father Psalm 23 when kids have done something wrong, ages of 6-18, and it is not unusual for ceived what was given. Now, as then, about it, he replied, "I no longer have When you ~row bitter and critical, like they have eyes in the back 0ftheir them to have 7 & 8 year dis0, O0d does not frivolously throw His any ~se for it." Several ),ears passed call 1 Cor. 13 heads. God is like that. He knows Many of these children are referred to heavenly gifts to people like candy and the son had children of his own. For Paul's secret to happiness, call when we have done wrong and he even Bashor by public schools. They offer being thrown in a parade. Only those The son and his wife discovered that Col. 3:12-17 knows what we are thinking. So we treatment for drug and alcohol addic- who see the value of a gift from God his dad was once again using the pickle For idea of Christianity, call 1 Cor. should make good choices by being Lion, sexual offending and sexually receive the benefits of that gift. So jar, saving up for his grandchildren. 5:15-19 ~en you feel dov, rn and out. call helpful and kind. coming to church, reactive problems, anger manage- how do you see your salvation.'? Are The piclde jar was a symbol of hope for Rom~ns ~:~ 1 99 praying, etc_ ,neat, copillg skills, aatld social skills, you receiv~tlg the ,~reat benefits of it this fan-uly_ Likewise, we need to have Prayar Canaarner John and Miohalla Thay al a hnva individual eann alin , or are you wonderin why it static? h00e in Jesus Cl st; weneedt0 stand When you want peace and rest, call Mangum, Leilani's sister Cassie, Connie and licensed teachers, to provide the Check out your heart's attitude to- firm in Him. Following worship serv- Matt. 11:25-30 Phillips, Scott and Melinda Rogers, students with the skills they need to ward your gift and toward doing serv- ice, there was a short congregational When the world seems bigger than Dustin Rogers in Afghanistan,return to public schools and there is a ice from your heart, for the Lord! meeting with the slate of church offi- God, call Psalm 90 Annabelle Schmaltz, Charlene Cornell, program to equip parents to assist in Notice finally, HI. GOD DOES NOT cers presented and approved. The Col- When you want Christian assurance, - travel mercies for Nick and Christa their child's progress. Disciplinary WASTE HIS RESOURCES! Vs. 3b- lowing were elected to 3-year terms: call Romans 8:1-30 Sommers and Nancy Marshall Fam- problems is one of the reasons these 7. It was the workers who went to Elders- Marsha Bender and Jim Miller; When you leave home for labor or ily of Bill Hines children are at Bashor. Many of them Moses to tell him there was enough. Deacon- Phyllis Gray; Trustee- Bill travel, call Psalm 121 Praises: Grace Church auction have parents who have literally turned Then Moses told the people to stop Finks. When your prayers grow narrow or brought in $5000 and the windows and the kids out and do not want to deal bringing offerings. Think back a mo- JOYS: Pat and Genny Tribbett from selfish, call Psalm 67 other parts of it will live on to bless oth- with the problems they have. Mr. Ri- ment - do you think when the Egyp- Denver, Colorado, were in morning For a great invention/opportunity, call ers in their homes - All lthe visitors for ikonen shared some stories of mira- Lions were giving all this stuffto worship. They are visiting family for a Isaiah 55 Bring a Friend Sunday, - Special vol- cles they have witnessed as God Israel as they left Egypt, the Israelites few days. Janet Finks was in morning When you want courage for a task, leyball honors for Kelsey Williams and works in the lives of these kids. He thought "what are we going to do worship and is better after spending call Joshua 1 Ashley Feltis - Eden Garate and Mary asks for continued prayer for all the with all this. Is there even a Mall several days in the hospital the previ- How to get along with fenowmen, Ann Berkshire for the car angels who residents and the staff at Bashor. where we are going so we can trade ous week. On November 7, the three call Romans 12 helped them with flat tires, - Izzy Davis Psalm 10:17-18 Lord, thou has this stuff?." The point is that God Presbyterian churches- Bethlehem, When you think of investments/re- is home - Emma Jean Rogers has been heard the desires of the helpless, knew what was in their future and Center, and Pulaski- held a joint service turns, call Mark 10 moved to Winamac (Pulaski Health Surely you will hear their cries and why they would need the things He at Pulaski. Following the morning If you are depressed, call Psalm 27 Care) - A portable church sign has comfort them. You will bring justice provided. So it is with us. God knows worship, all enjoyed a bountiful carry- If your pocketbook is empty, call been donated by Gilsingers and is avail- to the orphans and the oppressed, what's in our future and He is provid- in meal and fresh apple cider. Thanks Psalm 37 able for anyone to advertise a church Baptist ing all you need to do all He will ask. to Harold Gray who supplied the apple If you're losing confidence in people, function cider press and to Harold and Phil call 1 Cor. 13 - Christian Church You may not understand it all now, so If people seem unkind, call John 15 Packing night for Operation Christ- Pastor Rich Utterback wait patiently and develop all God Carmicheal for supplying apples. It If discouraged about your work, call mas Child is Thursday night at the FLC asks you too, because He will call on was a great day of worship and fellow- Psalm 126 -Church Council meets Dec. 8 @ 7PM A NEED ALREADY MET you to use His gift to you in service~o ship. Exodus 36:1-5 Him. If we can help you with this or~ PRAYER CONCERNS: Jim Guy, in FLC -Family Movie Night Sat. Dec. You are invited to join us each Sun- If you find the world growing small, 4 @ 7PM in FLC -Men's Group Sat. any other spiritual matter, call us at Luella Guy, Sue Wiles, Leann Bohac and yourself great, call Psalm 19 day morning at 9:30 for worship. You Emergency numbers may be dialed Nov. 20 @ 7AM in FLC kitchen - Wor- may also visit us at our website - bop- (574) 643-9419. who will be traveling to Jamaica, and direct, ship 8:45 & 11 -Sunday School l lAM You can also down- Center Presbyterian for the safety of deer hunters. Peace No operator assistance is necessary, load the service free from I-tunes. Bill Kleymann, l~astor and comfort extended to the family of All lines are open to Heaven 24 hours This week's focal passage teaches us Lani Franklin gave the November 14 Bill Hines and to Gene and Sherry Helvie in the loss of her mother. Crystal nd Nick Jacobson about God's provision for His people, welcome, morning announcements, and ANNOUNCEMENT: November 21 is a day! As Sarah Carlson, organist, played Chapter 36 continues the narrative the Call to Worship. Marsha Bender Communion Sunday. Following Royal Center United the prelude, the Felker children, history of worship. God has brought gave the children's sermon. She church service, there will be soup, Methodist Church Wyatt, Eli, Joke & Kinsey, lit the can- Israel to the place where they are to pointed out that a light in one comer of sandwiches, and a celebration ofbirth- Kevin Drane Pastor dies. Nancy Logan was worship build the Tabernacle. God gave them the sanctuary was burned out and made days and anniversaries and the Hanging We were happy to welcome Pastor leader and took charge of announce- complete instructions and provided to that section dark. She discussed with Kevin and Marlene back after their ill- ments. We were reminded to be people every skill necessary to build the children that some people enjoy of the Greens. ness. Pastor Kevin's sermon was taken bringing gifts for the Mental Health it. From this passage we learn three doing ornery things and being mean, from Joshua 20:1-9, where God corn- basket. Charlene Gosnell is in charge more truths about God. I. EVERY and connected the darkened part of the man 0ghua to clesignate six cities of of Christmas caroling this year. KILLED PERSON WAS TO room with dark deeds. Some people refuge where anyone who accidentally Please give her suggestions as to WORK! vs. 1. God is omniscient- like the dark. However, what we do, we kills someone may go for safety. There those who need a visit and would be meaning He is all knowing. David should not be ashamed to bring it to the they will be protected from revenge encouraged by our singing carols for tells us that in Ps. 147:5. Because light. We should long for the light and from the avenger of blood, who is the them. Thanks to all who have been God is omniscient, He knows the end for doing what pleases God. Carol closest relative of the victim. They bringing laundry soap and dish deter- from the beginning - Isa. 46:10. Since Rhoades read Old Testament scripture could stay there until the death of the gent for the Salvation Army. Bring God always knows all of everything, from Isaiah 65: 17-25. Pastor Bill read High Priest who was in office when these items any time. There is a great He knows what all will be needed to 2 Thessalonians 3: 6-13 and Luke 21: they arrived. After he dies, they may need. carry out his perfect plans and pur- 5-19 for his sermon, "The Pickle Jar." Caley Church Pisgah Christian nurcn Ryan Leweilen, Pastor Although Pisgah hasn't been sub- miLLing a report to the Record lately, we are spiritually alive and well, hav- ing a full house most Sundays. On November 7~ Ryan's sermon was about praying for others. Yellow- book pages were passed out with each